Springless Orthopedic Mattresses
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SleepVIP Springless orthopedic matrasses

90 x 200 cm
Compact Double
120 x 200 cm
2 500 000 sums
3 500 000 sums
Queen Size
160 x 200 cm
4 000 000 sums
King Size
180 x 200 cm
4 500 000 sums
200 x 200 cm
5 000 000 sums
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What do you get when you buy SleepVIP?
Not only perfect mattress but high quality service as well
Unique layers of the mattress repeat body shape unloading the spinal column
Natural cover from eucalyptus fiber (Tencel) with soft and light texture
8 years of warranty. All is fair! We will return your money if the mattress shrink for 2.5 mm even
20 days return guarantee. If you perceive that the mattress does not fit you
Free delivery across Tashkent and Tashkent Region
Return Terms

Return can be accepted if:

  1. The mattress did not lift up completely 72 hours after unpacking.

  2. The mattress was torn not due to the buyer's fault.

  3. The mattress shrank for more than 25 mm during 8 years after purchase.

You can also return the mattress within 20 days. However, you can do so only 10 days after purchase as a person has to get used to new feelings first. Even if in this case you do not find our mattress good, you can return it within 20 days.

Warranty Conditions

"North Foam", LLC JV, guarantees that provided the keeping of the Service Instruction, the products conform to the quality according to the technological normative documents (State Standard, technical conditions and so on).

The warranty period for "North Foam", LLC JV, products is:

  • Mattress – 8 years.

The warranty is valid provided the submission of filled Guarantee Certificate with the stamp of the seller, product's passport, product's labels and documents confirming the fact of the purchase.

The following is not considered as manufacturing defect

  • Size deviation within the allowed norm that is ±20 mm for mattresses.

  • Wrinkles, surface imperfections and folds on the cases and facing materials of the soft elements which appear after the unloading (standing up from the mattress) and which disappear after smoothing out with hands.

  • Buffies and pellets on the fiber which appear due to maintenance.

  • Shrinkage of the mattress of 25 mm depth in the sleeping area.

The warranty does not include the cases as follow:

  • Business application of the products without proper agreement with "North Foam", LLC JV.

  • Mechanical defects, damage and dirt cased due to the violation of the Service Instructions and self-repair of the goods.

  • Mould, dirt and smell caused by poor maintenance of the mattress.

  • Exchange of the mattress because of the defect case. If you buy the mattress and find ;2the defective case (but not the mattress itself), we will change only the case not the whole mattress.

  • Any mattress (manufactured by Sleep VIP and not only) which is sold by a reseller who at the moment of purchase was not an authorized distributor.

"North Foam", LLC JV, is not responsible for not following the Service Instructions and not knowing them.

We reserve the right to refuse to take back and/or to use any unsanitary mattress.

Maintenance Conditions

  1. Keep the Guarantee Certificate confirming date, place and cost of the purchase. This Certificate is attached to the mattress and can be found inside the box.

  2. Before starting using the mattress, the cover should be removed and the mattress should be aired in a well ventilated area for not less than a day. Depending on the level of the area's ventilation, 2 days to 2 weeks period can be required for complete disappearance of the smell.

  3. Weight on one sleeping place should not exceed 140 kg.

  4. When storing and using the mattress, ingress of water and formation of condensate must be avoided. Air humidity from 45 to 70% and temperature from 15 to 30 °С should be preserved in a place where the mattress is used.

If water or any other liquid ingresses onto the mattress, it must be collected immediately with dry, clean and well absorbing fiber (cloth, napkin, suede or sponge) and the mattress should not be covered with the bed-linen until it is completely dry.

  1. The mattress must not be exposed to the direct sunlight and high temperature. It must not be located closer than 1.5 meters to the electric heating devices or the sources of open fire.

  2. It is recommended to start using the mattress not sooner than 24 hours after unpacking.

After unpacking, complete forming of shape and size of the mattress under room temperature takes up to 3 days.

In winter time, the mattress should be kept in such a state not less than one day before unpacking.

It is recommended to open and unpack the mattress not later than one month from the date of the purchase.

  1. Size and shape of the sleeping place of the bed should be the same as those of the mattress. It is not allowed to squeeze the mattress so that it fits the borders of the bed. The overhang of the mattress over the boarders of the bed of more than 2 cm is not allowed.

  2. It is not allowed to use it as a base for another mattress as well as to put any things which can trouble the even surface under it.

  3. It is recommended to turn the mattress each 6 months in order to increase the service life of the SleepVIP.

Difference from the spring mattress
Spring mattresses cannot repeat the body shape that is why it cannot be relaxed during the whole sleep. SleepVIP repeats the shape of your body and provides your spinal column with correct support.
Spring Mattresses
Spring mattresses: contain metal springs, does not bear localized load, designed for up to 90 kg weight. Average full value service life is from 70 days to 3 years.
Total lack of metal or plastic elements, designed for localized load and up to 200 kg of weight. Average full value service life is 10-15 years.
SleepVIP. You can rely on us!
You can rely on us!
Perfect sleep can be bought!
Order your SleepVIP.
90 x 200 cm
Compact Double
120 x 200 cm
2 500 000 sums
3 500 000 sums
Queen Size
160 x 200 cm
4 000 000 sums
King Size
180 x 200 cm
4 500 000 sums
200 x 200 cm
5 000 000 sums
20 days of return warranty
8 years of warranty
Payment at receipt
Customized size

Price at request
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Choose the mattress size
Due to the lack of metal elements there will be no broken springs. Your children can jump on it as much as they wish. There is nothing to be broken!
Movement absorption and no "creak": no one and nothing will bother your sleep.
Movement isolation
Absorbs any oscillations with delicacy in a way that you and your partner can turn in sleep or stand up during the night without danger of waking each other up.
The mattress does not draw dust, does not accumulate electricity and does not create electromagnetic field.
Soft and pleasant cover from natural eucalyptus fiber Tancel. Comfort and freshness of a wonderful sleep.
Ecologically safe and absolutely hypoallergic foam rubber.
Why SleepVIP
Distinctive features and technical characteristics
SleepVIP – sleep of full value!
Make sure in this personally on the 2nd floor of Samarqand Darvoza Mall in SleepVIP shop.
High density – High quality
Unique proprietary layers of "SleepVIP" mattress will keep you and your spinal column healthy.
Tencel Natural cover from eucalyptus fiber (Tencel) with soft and light structure.
Elastocell™ – super soft layer for relaxation and comfort during sleep.
Ultracell – elastic breathable layer which provides spinal column support without "falling in" effect.
Support base – solid base of the mattress for even weight distribution.
· Case
Durable and elastic case from cellulose fiber of Australian eucalyptus (100% tencel).
· Solidity
SleepVIP can bear up to 200 kg. There are neither frame nor metal elements.
· Transportation
Due to vacuum packing, SleepVIP can be easily transported in a booth or on the backseat of a car.
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Leave your contact details and our managers will contact you, ask all your questions and inform you how to purchase the mattress.
Order your perfect sleep right now
Leave your contact details and our managers will contact you, ask all your questions and inform you how to purchase the mattress.
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